West Coast Radio is proud to present “Amazing 80s” and “The Biggest Hits of the 70s”. West Coast Radio is owned and operated by radio people who love to do radio as much as you love to listen to it.  Enjoy!
“Amazing 80s” originates from The Biggest Little City in the World...Reno Nevada.  Amazing 80s is completely dedicated to the 80s and is truly amazing.  Our playlist consists of the biggest hits of the 80s and we cross all the genres.  Top 40, Pop, Rock and New Wave.  You’ll even hear some of those insane 80s Hair Bands.  Based on your requests we’re always adding music to the 80s playlist.  Keep requesting and enjoy!!
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West Coast Radio    Live from Reno, Nevada, USA
“The Biggest Hits of the 70s” originates from The Biggest Little City in the World...Reno Nevada. As the name states we play all of the biggest hits of the 70s. Pop, Top 40, Rock and Disco! If you listened to any big top 40 radio station in the 70s, you’ll love our mix.
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West Coast Radio derives NO income from advertising.  We are completely listener supported.  We have NO paid employees.  We do this out of the love for radio.  The ads we play now are a trade-off for our music royalties. Our expenses are around $250 per month.  There is a little donate button down below.  Your help will be greatly appreciated and totally anonymous. (unless you want tons of praise on the air)  Thank you in advance for your support and thank you for listening to West Coast Radio!